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Happy New Year!

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

For all those interested in societal issues, highly related to social partnerships, here is the link to register to a GlobeScan webinar on the State of the World in 2015 including on issues of stakeholder engagement. I have previously attended such Globescan webinars and found them very insightful.

You might like to also have a look at Globescan's page on engagement http://www.globescan.com/…/globescan-radar-sector-intellige… (one of the participants of the webinar is Caroline Holme, an expert in stakeholder engagement) as well as their sector intelligence on CSR reputation per industry, which may find of interest: http://www.globescan.com/…/globescan-radar-sector-intellige… for your cross-sector collaboration research or practice.

Feel free to circulate invitations/conferences/publications in the group as long as they are relevant to cross-sector collaboration. It would be very helpful if the information is not explicitly relevant to write a couple of sentences explaining why you are circulating the email in this specialised group.

Thank you in advance for your 2015 contributions to the CSSI group.

With best wishes,
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