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Why we need Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business

Jonathan Doh's take away from his Keynote address at Academy of International Business -NE on Friday on "Why we need Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business":

"Because academic research has become too esoteric and global challenges - climate, conflict, refugees - all involve international business as part of the problem and solutions. IB scholars need lean in and do their part!"

Jonathan Doh is the CSSI 2016 Toronto Doctoral Consortium Co-chair. Register for CSSI 2016 to ask Jonathan your questions about this and everything related to Cross-Sector Social Interactions. Things might get really interesting as his co-chair has argued at CSSI 2014 Boston that we need to move away from phenomenon-based research. Read the arguments of Oana Branzei in chapter 12 with Marlene Janzen Le Ber in 'Social Partnerships and Responsible Business. A Research Handbook' (Routledge 2014) and get ready to enter the debate. Where do I stand in the debate? Read 2014 ARSP, Editorial. 

Download the ARSP on open access (free account creation with Greenleaf required) from: 

Join the CSSI Community to enter this and many other important debates on how cross-sector social interactions have or have not been or how they might become the answer to social issues.

Article by May St Di
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TPI leader recognised in 2015 Social Partnerships Honours

Darian ARSP nomination

Darian Stibbe, TPI’s Executive Director, has been honoured by the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP) as a ‘Thexis Leader’ who has “inspired the international community through their cross-sector research and practice” The ARSP journal, dedicated to the theory and practice of collaboration as key to solving social problems, has marked its 10th year with a special celebratory issue announcing the ARSP International Thought, Practice & Thexis Honours List.

Practitioners from 13 countries participated by voting for the thought and practice leaders, from various sectors, who had inspired their research or practice through frameworks, key concepts or innovative practice in their own work.

ARSP honours listStibbe was recognized for his inspirational work as a ‘Thexis Leader’. A combination of ‘theory’ and ‘praxis’, ‘thexis’ refers to “the ability of people to move to an evolved understanding in any field by merging theoretical and practical insights, theories and experiences”. One nomination referred to Stibbe as ‘a bit like the partnering Oracle, offering a wealth of practical delivery experience and an amazing ability to generate knowledge capital that quickly becomes international best practice.’ Another stated that “Darian is steeped in partnership theory and practice. His depth of knowledge inspires you to go beyond what you thought possible”.

Stibbe joins a number of others in the list of honoured Thexis Leaders including Jane Nelson, Gib Bulloch, Ros Tennyson and Klaus Schwab.
“I am priviliged and delighted to join such an amazing group of partnership luminaries honoured by the ARSP as Thexis Leaders”, commented Stibbe. “Of course, in reality it is very much a team effort and it is both inspiring and an enormous pleasure to work with a group of brilliant people at The Partnering Initiative.”

The ARSP International Thought, Practice & Thexis Honors were developed to raise cross-sector awareness, encourage deeper appreciation of past initiatives, and stimulate further interactions among practice and research in Cross Sector Social Partners.
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