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CSSI2016: Doctoral Consortium, Toronto

CSSI2016: an amazing Doctoral Consortium with 25 outstanding PhD students from all over the world! Thank you to the two leading Professors Oana Branzei and Jonathan Doh for all their hard work organising it!

Professor Oana Branzei, Western University
Professor Jonathan Doh, Villanova University

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CSSI2016: Award Dinner

CSSI2016: Award dinner. Honouring our own scholars! Winner of the LifeTime Achievement Award 2016: the amazing Professor Barbara Gray! With previous LTA Award winners Professors Jim Austin, Sandra Waddockand the Director of the PrC sponsor of the LTA award Prof. Rob van Tulder together with the organisers of the best CSSI symposium ever: Andy Craneand Amelia Clarke! Thank you to Andy and Amelia for a wonderful experience to the CSSI Community! 
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Interview about the CSSI Community@SIM Newsletter

Interview about the CSSI Community in the March Newsletter of the Social Issues in Management Division, Academy of Management

Dr. Verena Bitzer, ARSP Editor & Member of the ARSP Senior Editorialial Team
Dr. Lea Stadtler, ARSP Pedagogy Editor & Member of the ARSP Senior Editorial Team

Source: Findler, F. (2016). "The Interview with Lea Stadtler and Verena Bitzer about the Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI) Community" The SIMian, (The Academy of Management Social Issues in Management Division Newsletter) March, 2016. pp.11~12.
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