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Why we need Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business

Jonathan Doh's take away from his Keynote address at Academy of International Business -NE on Friday on "Why we need Phenomenon-Based Research in International Business":

"Because academic research has become too esoteric and global challenges - climate, conflict, refugees - all involve international business as part of the problem and solutions. IB scholars need lean in and do their part!"

Jonathan Doh is the CSSI 2016 Toronto Doctoral Consortium Co-chair. Register for CSSI 2016 to ask Jonathan your questions about this and everything related to Cross-Sector Social Interactions. Things might get really interesting as his co-chair has argued at CSSI 2014 Boston that we need to move away from phenomenon-based research. Read the arguments of Oana Branzei in chapter 12 with Marlene Janzen Le Ber in 'Social Partnerships and Responsible Business. A Research Handbook' (Routledge 2014) and get ready to enter the debate. Where do I stand in the debate? Read 2014 ARSP, Editorial. 

Download the ARSP on open access (free account creation with Greenleaf required) from: 

Join the CSSI Community to enter this and many other important debates on how cross-sector social interactions have or have not been or how they might become the answer to social issues.

Article by May St Di

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