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Design Challenge: Developing Students' Cross-Sector Competencies

The Pedagogy Team of the ARSP organizes a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2016. If you plan to go to the conference, please join our PDW!

August 6 2016
Time: 3:45PM to 5:15PM
Where: Grand Ballroom Salon H at the Anaheim Marriott
Organizer: The ARSP Pedagogy Team
Session #: 420 (PNP/SIM)

Overview: This interactive PDW aims to create a space for us as a community to explore the competencies needed for successful cross-sector social interactions (CSSI) to address complex societal issues. In this dynamic workshop, participants will develop exercises and draft lesson plans for developing such competencies in our classrooms. Specifically, after a brief discussion of the required CSSI skill sets, participants will work in small groups as they are guided through a design-thinking process to develop exercises and lesson plans. These plans will outline suggestions for material and innovative activities for helping students develop CSSI competencies, in particular those related to system-thinking, entrepreneurial, interpersonal, and communication skills. Based on the material collected from the workshop, the facilitators will develop teaching innovations for each competency theme and send them to the workshop participants. The participants, in turn, are encouraged to pilot these innovations or their favorite elements and report back to the workshop facilitators.

What you get:
A minimum of four complete teaching innovations that are peer reviewed and ready made for your classroom.

What to expect:
Stage 1: You will briefly learn about an open access CSSI teaching toolbox developed by the ARSP Pedagogy Team.
Stage 2: You will have the opportunity to create your own teaching innovations with other participants. Specifically, with the help of table facilitators, you and your table neighbors will work through a design thinking process to develop innovative exercises or lesson plans.
Stage 3: Once your table has created a prototype teaching innovation, you will test it with another table and then refine your idea.
Stage 4: We’ll gather all teaching innovations material and share them with you via email.

Have a look at samples of our work here.

Join our PDW at the AOM 2016!

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